Cellular communication and control

Wide range of communication options  with remote staff using mobile phone screen

Suitable for operating personnel outside the company's offices.       

TelLogic- Telemarketing Management system 

An online system which records sales-calls, contact information,and more

in real-time. The software manages the call log of each salesperson and

sends daily reports to the  manager.

 Hotelogic- Booking system  Control  


The system collects data from the switchboard  and data from the Booking

System and synchronizes both. Administrators control all incoming calls. 

Reports include graphs, comparisons, exceptions to the rule, etc.

 GetLogic- Task Management Software

The system encourages increased team productivity by division of general

tasks and individual employee assignments. Current updated reports take

the form of graphs and spreadsheets for specific project or employee.

Telemarketing Management system
Task Management Software
Cellular communication and control
Booking system Control